Like their contemporaries across the nation, Ballarat district farmers have little or no control over many factors affecting their livelihoods, such as the weather, demand for their product and the value of the Australian dollar.

But not all surprises that come with life on the land are beyond farmers’ control and good insurance can help ease some of the daily stress that comes with a working farm.

Insurance to consider for a farm will depend on the size of the farm and what your farm activities may be. Some of the insurance options you might wish to cover are:

  • Livestock
  • Crop
  • Machinery
  • Farm vehicles
  • Property
  • Sheds, buildings, contents
  • Fencing
  • Liability.

AB Insurance Solutions, Melbourne and Ballarat we can provide you with quotes for both professional full-time farmers and hobby farmers and for their vehicles and machinery.

Farm motor insurance

As leading Melbourne and Ballarat commercial insurance agents, AB Insurance Solutions are able to provide quotes on your farm vehicles and machinery.

Recreational and hobby farm insurance

Every farm is different and our policies acknowledge some farms are more a hobby than a lifestyle. If your farm is more recreational than professional, we can adapt a quote and provide you with cover that precisely meets your particular requirements.

The answers to your farm insurance queries are just an email or phone call away. AB Insurance Solutions in Melbourne and Ballarat has an array of policies to suit businesses in rural and urban settings across the nation.

Refer to your current policy schedule for sums insured, and to the insurer’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for inclusions and exclusions to your current policy.