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In the event of making a claim, our full time consultants are available to provide assistance with your claim lodgement and the process that follows.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at AB Insurance Solutions. Our friendly and experienced consultants can help you through the claims process and assist any questions you may have.

What you will need to do in the event of a claim


In the event of fire damage, the fire brigade should be able to advise you of what services are available for temporary protection to the building and contents. Obtain an event or report number if possible from the fire brigade and/or the police as well as the attending police and fire officers details.

Accidental loss, theft or malicious damage

Theft or malicious damage claims should be reported to the police immediately. Obtain a copy of the police report and event number and the identity of the attending officers. If the premises are not secure, you should have emergency repairs done to make the property safe.

Proof of ownership of stolen goods will be requested, for example invoices, receipts, photos, valuation certificates. A repair-replacement quotation for the lost, stolen or damaged items will be required.

Storm damage

Make the necessary emergency repairs to make the damaged area safe. Dry any wet carpets.

Assessment of the damage may be required. Quotes for repairs or replacements to damage will also be required.

Water damage to carpets

You should make any necessary steps to minimise the loss. Contact a restoration or carpet cleaner to arrange for the carpet to be dried. The repairer will need to provide a report on the damage. If the carpet is not salvageable, a quotation for replacement will be required. See our list of approved carpet cleaners above.

Broken glass

Arrange for glass to be repaired/replaced.

You will need to provide a repair or replacement quotation as well as a tax invoice once the work is completed.

Fusion/machinery breakdown

Arrange a repair report, including the age of the motor. Provide a quotation for repair or replacement.

Power surge

Obtain a letter from the local power company showing the date and reason for the power surge in your area. Obtain repair reports for damage and provide quotations for repair or replacement of affected items.

Spoilage of food

Provide a list of perished foods and a replacement cost of the goods. Insurers may request further information depending on the circumstances of your claim.

Do you need assistance or advice outside normal working hours? For emergency contacts available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, AB Insurance Solutions have provided a comprehensive listing of services for you to contact if the need arises.