Aviation insurance can provide you with insurance cover for a number of aviation-related areas, including:

  • Aircraft hull and liability insurance: Comprehensive cover for any type of aircraft, from glider to commercial airliner, it is specifically designed to protect against loss or damage to your aircraft and against third party or passenger liability arising from an accident.
  • Aircraft non-ownership liability: Coverage for private pilots, charter operators or flying schools during dual training. Also provides cover for staff members piloting aircraft on company business.
  • Aircraft aerial application liability: Coverage for operators of an aerial agriculture business, providing tailored protection against specific risks, such as those posed by chemical drift.
  • Hangar keeper’s liability: Coverage for any liability arising in and around airport and airfield operations; from aircraft and aircraft equipment in care, custody or control; from sale of aircraft and spares; and out of repair, service or overhaul of aircraft.

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Refer to your current policy schedule for sums insured, and to the insurer’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for inclusions and exclusions to your current policy.