Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers you for any theft, accidental loss or damage to your vehicle, as well as damage to property and other vehicles. There are additional benefits that can be added to your cover for an extra premium when you have comprehensive cover. These additional benefits include:

  • Agreed value. At the time of the cover being placed, the value of the vehicle is established and fixed for the period of insurance. This means if you have a total loss, you know the exact amount you will receive at settlement, less any excess payable.
  • Windscreen extension. This will allow you one new windscreen per year without having to pay the excess or having an effect on your No Claim Bonus.
  • Hire car after an accident. It is traumatic enough to have a motor vehicle accident. On top of that no one wants to be without a car for days or weeks on end while repairs and claims are being made. This additional benefit will provide for you to have a rental or hire car following an accident.

Third party, fire and theft cover

This type of insurance provides you with cover for any damage caused by fire to or theft of your vehicle as well as damage to another person’s property or other vehicles.

Third party property damage cover

This type of insurance will provide cover for any damage to another person’s property or vehicle.

Prestige motor vehicle insurance

At AB Insurance Solutions, we understand that owners of prestige, vintage and classic motor vehicles can be fastidious and conscientious car owners. And ensuring there is adequate insurance for those cars is something we understand too.

Our insurance brokers will discuss the benefits of various levels of cover with you, including comprehensive cover, storage and restoration cover, or legal liability insurance cover only.