If you are the brains behind your business, then your vehicles may be the lifeblood as they transport your workers and products to their various destinations.

If your vehicles grind to a halt, so does your business and so does your cash flow.

A recent Australia Motor Vehicle Census revealed Australia had more than 17 million vehicles on the road, and of that number more than 2,700,000 were light commercial vehicles.*

AB Insurance Solutions is helping protect a proportion of those vehicles with commercial vehicle insurance policies that keep businesses on the road and their income stream protected.

At AB Insurance Solutions, we have motor vehicle packages to cover a variety of commercial and business-use vehicles. We have commercial motor insurance policies for fleet vehicles – including commercial car insurance, commercial van insurance, commercial truck insurance and also machinery insurance policies which cover plant equipment, excavators and similar tools of the trade.

To discuss your vehicle and machinery requirements, or other commercial, business as well as personal insurance concerns, contact the team at AB.

Refer to your current policy schedule for sums insured, and to the insurer’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for inclusions and exclusions to your current policy.

* Figures from Australian Motor Vehicle Census, January 2014.

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