Australian businesses already face enough daily challenges without having to worry about the headaches of unexpected disasters and their impact on financial viability.

Mother Nature can take her toll, but man-made crises can also hit hard, so it pays to have the best and most relevant coverage available.

Vandalism such as graffiti is one of the man-made problems taking a growing toll on businesses, particularly larger commercial and industrial buildings which, by their nature, can be isolated and attractive to criminals. Graffiti vandals alone cost the Australian community about $200 million each year and businesses are bearing the brunt of the damage bill.*

By its nature vandalism is unpredictable but windows are among vandals’ most frequent targets.

Our business insurance, office insurance and commercial business insurance can include glass coverage for building insurance, which can help ease the pain and inconvenience that comes with broken windows and helps ensure speedy repairs, with minimum financial impact and business interruption.

AB Insurance Solutions has available to them, business and trade insurance products to cover many different scenarios facing retail businesses and commercial offices. Our business range can provides protection for the following:

  • Fires and perils
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Broken glass
  • Loss of money
  • Public and products liability
  • Machinery electronic breakdown
  • Management liability
  • Tax audit.

Fire and perils

Where it is shown on your schedule “property, fire and perils” has been taken, you are covered in the event of a fire, storm, malicious damage and accidental damage, for the amount listed on your schedule.

Business interruption

Business interruption cover protects your financial investment/trading profit in the event of any insured loss. Business interruption insurance reimburses you for any reduction in revenue in the event of an insurance claim such as a fire. It will help ensure your financial commitments can be met, such as loans, rent, wages, bills. It can also assist in the event you need to relocate after the loss.


Theft covers you in the event of a burglary for up to the amount shown on your current policy schedule, for theft of stock or contents, or damage to the property with forcible entry.

There are also options to cover you for theft without forcible entry as well as in the open air.


Your insurer will cover you for loss or damage to money as a result of the defined event shown on your current policy schedule.


Your coverage under the glass cover section is covering you for breakage of glass at the premises listed on your current policy schedule.

Public and products liability

Public liability, also known as “broadform liability”, protects you in the event you cause an injury to a third party (not your employees) or damage to a third party’s property.

Products liability insurance protects you in the event that you sell, manufacture or import a product that causes injury to a third party, whether they are a client or customer.

Tax audit

Tax audit insurance covers you subject to the terms and conditions of your insurer up to the sum insured on your current policy schedule, to pay the fees of an accountant engaged by you in connection with an audit of your business conducted pursuant to a statutory tax audit.

General property insurance

General property insurance covers your tools, equipment and stock from loss or damage away from your premises up to the sums insured.

Machinery and electronic insurance

Machinery and electronic equipment insurance covers you in the event of a machinery breakdown for equipment used within your business, with the option of additional cover for deterioration of stock for refrigerated items, at an extra premium.

Management liability

Management liability insurance protects the business owner from many risks associated with running a business, such as wrongful dismissal, workplace harassment, theft by employees, tax investigation and statutory fines, just to name a few.

Our business insurance brokers can discuss our extensive range of commercial packages specifically targeting commercial property, professional indemnity insurance, construction insurance, builders warranty insurance and commercial vehicle insurance.

Be ready for the unexpected and get in touch with AB Insurance Solutions to discuss your insurance coverage.

Refer to your current policy schedule for sums insured, and to the insurer’s product disclosure statement (PDS) for inclusions and exclusions to your current policy.

* Figures from Australian Institute of Criminology.

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